Well-being and beauty

Although it’s well-known for its vineyards and its sun-drenched fruits, Valais holds some other little-known treasures. A multitude of aromatic and medicinal plants with recognised active ingredients grow on the mountainsides, such as Edelweiss, a protected plant, and Arnica, known for its healing properties. Soothing, revitalizing or regenerating, these plants work just as well in skin creams as they do in teas or sweets.


Day creams by leading brands are sure to contain a touch of Valais! Cosmotec and Laboratoires Biologiques Arval make cosmetic products for third parties, often including extracts from alpine plants. The companies, based in Vouvry and Conthey respectively, are leaders in this fi eld and are active around the world, covering European, Asian and North American markets.

The Cosmotec manufacturing plant is fed by its own source of pure water that draws its strength from the heart of the Valais mountains.

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Plant Extracts

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd in Vouvry specialises in the exploitation of alpine plant extracts and is at the interface between producers and manufacturers of fi nished cosmetic products. The ingredients have moisturising, antioxidant, anti- aging and calming qualities, to name just a few. The company was also the fi rst to develop extracts from the Edelweiss, the iconic fl ower of the Swiss Alps. All ALPAFLOR® extracts are certifi ed fair trade.

DSM Nutritional Products Group is one of the world leaders in vitamins and sunscreens.

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Natural Supplements

Pharmalp combines ancestral knowledge with advanced research to create high added value products based on organically farmed alpine plants. Since 2012, the company has made use of the properties of Swiss mountain herbs in developing a range of supplements and soothing gels, complemented by a range of probiotics. The latter help to fi ght against digestive discomfort, allergies and the fi rst signs of a cold in a natural fashion.

Pharmalp’s Alpine pastilles, probiotics and spirulina are popular with top athletes.

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Aromatic Herbs

Valplantes cultivates forty hectares of aromatic herbs throughout the canton. Bringing together 35 producers, the cooperative has been producing organic plants for over thirty years. Peppermint, sage, lemon balm and thyme, as well as more than thirty other species are harvested and dried in Grimisuat. Most are found in the famous Ricola sweets, but they are also used in Grand-Saint- Bernard spices, flavoured cold teas and cosmetics.

Sage is the most widely produced aromatic herb in Valais, with 40 tonnes produced annually.

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Did you know?

60% of Swiss aromatic and medicinal plants are cultivated in Valais.