Food production

Mineral water, dried meats, mountain herbs, sweeteners or even fillets of perch fish... what do they have in common? They all contribute to the canton’s reputation within the food industry. As Switzerland's water reservoir, Valais is home to the largest bottler of mineral water in the country. This lesser-known expertise adds up to the richness of the local products. From Upper to Lower Valais, the exceptional quality and flavour of these products are waiting to be discovered.

Fish Farming

At first glance, the idea of producing perch fillets in Raron may seem absurd. However, Valperca has been riding a wave of success since 2009. Using the temperate waters flowing directly from the Lötschberg massif, the company breeds perch in a closed system. By mastering a process that is used nowhere else in the world from the egg to the fillet, they produce delicious and high-quality perch fillets.

A kilometre-long pipe has been installed to collect the 18°C water that flows from the Lötschberg. It is then heated to 21°C to rear the fish.


At Cher-Mignon, dried meat is a family affair - and a passion! The story started in 1910 with the first recipes created by François Bagnoud. A century later, salting is still carried out by the family in a drying room known as “the cathedral”, which is perched at an altitude of 1200 m. The recipe remains the same as the one dreamt up by the first generation and is a closely guarded secret.

The mixture of salt, spices and aromatic herbs is still sprinkled by hand on every piece of meat.

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Mineral waters

Right from its creation in 1947, Aproz Sources Minérales SA has been committed to respecting the environment and protecting its precious resources at the heart of the Alps, but also to transporting more than 90% of its production by rail. The company, which is also a player in the soft drinks market, bottles the Pepsi, 7Up and Orangina brands, amongst others.

This Valais-based company is the Swiss market leader in syrups.

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