Construction machinery

Thanks to its pool of highly qualified engineers, its openness and its competitiveness, Valais is home to a number of successful industries that manufacture innovative machines for the agri-food, fashion and health sectors. Some of these companies have emerged as world leaders in their field. With a largely international clientele, the majority of products created in Valais are destined for export.

Industrial knitting machine

The first electronic knitting machine was produced by Steiger Participations in Vionnaz. Since the creation of its Electra machine in 1979, the company has constantly developed the design and sales of industrial flat-knitting machines. Steiger specialises in machinery for the high-end fashion industry and has established itself as the world leader in medical and orthopaedic applications. The Chinese group, Ningbo Cixing Co. Ltd, acquired the company in 2010 and its market now covers Europe, Asia and America.

Steiger has recently developed a knitting machine for the production of 3D composite materials made of carbon fibre.

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Plastic tubes

AISA Automation Industrielle SA designs and manufactures machines for the production of laminated and plastic tubes for the packaging of toothpaste, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and technical products. For 55 years, this family business has been innovating and diversifying in order to establish itself in a competitive environment and to maintain its position as world market leader. Its international clientele includes major brands such as Colgate and Procter & Gamble.

One out of every two toothpaste tubes in the world comes from an AISA machine manufactured in Vouvry.

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Super-automatic coffee machines

Eversys has developed its machine in order to extract the essence of the coffee bean, while respecting the tradition of the espresso. With machines distributed in more than 35 countries, the technique developed by Eversys is highly regarded internationally. Thanks to a user-friendly electronic interface, coffee professionals (baristas) have access to a multitude of settings so they can refine the unique flavours and aromas of coffee.

One of the models in the range can make 525 espressos per hour and takes up only 84cm in width on the counter.

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Carbon electrodes

Since 1986, R&D Carbon, based in Sierre, has been the great success of a former director of an Alusuisse research centre. The company specialises in optimising the cost of metal production on a global scale. Its activity has contributed to the massive reduction of this industry’s environmental impact. R&D Carbon offers producers of carbon electrodes its know-how, including equipment for testing the quality of their raw materials.

Test equipment for carbon electrodes for the global market is 100% developed and manufactured in Switzerland and assembled in Valais.

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Did you know?

Lemtronic SA produces tailor-made machines from start to finish, from design, manufacturing, assembly, wiring and programming, to testing and refinement.