The height of skills and innovation

Situated in the heart of the Alps in a breathtaking natural setting that alternates between green plains and deep snow, Valais is also notable for its flourishing industry which combines cutting-edge technologies and innovative competence centres. From family-run SMEs to budding start-ups and large international groups, Valais stands out by offering ideal conditions for industry and technology, which marks it out as a canton of excellence and quality. Driven by the dynamic which runs through the canton, the industries of Valais are combining their forces on joint projects. 

Valais industry statistics

  • 21'000 jobs in Valais industry
  • 25% of the cantonal added value is created by industry
  • Rated 2nd Swiss canton in life sciences
  • Largest aluminium research and production centre located in Sierre
  • 1 in every 2 francs is made from exports
  • 28% of Swiss hydroelectricity is generated in Valais

At the heart of Valais industry

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