Valais Enterprise Brand

A brand for responsible, committed companies.

The performance of a given territory, in terms of sustainable development, is directly linked to the capacity of its companies to apply sustainable principles and to adopt a public-spirited attitude. Canton Valais has therefore decided to launch a project rooted in positive economics in order to promote the sustainable actions of the region's companies and to enable them to use the Valais Enterprise Brand in their communication. In particular, the project is based on performance evaluation and continuous improvement measures.

The principle of positive economics brings together all entities and organisations seeking to be of service to future generations.

- A positive company must create services that are useful to both current and future communities.
- It should be interested in improving the quality and sustainability of its economic, ecological and social environment.
- It must motivate its partners to participate in a sustainable approach at the regional level.

The Valais Brand is based on five core values.

  • People: a strong, honest and authentic character with a strong sense of community.

  • Excellence: a total commitment to sustainable quality expressed in all products and services.

  • Movement: the desire for freedom, evolution and dynamic progress.

  • Well-being: the pleasure of enjoying quality of life to the full and with a sense of humour, zest for life.

  • Authenticity: a natural environment that is unique, unspoilt and magnificent.


In order to obtain the right to bear this emblem, which is synonymous with companies that care about their impact on the territory, companies have to undergo self-assessment and coaching.