Cross-country skiing

Gommer Rottenloipe

Langläufer bei einer der zahlreichen Haltestellen der Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn entlang der Rottenloipe



The flat terrain of the Rottenloipe runs from Oberwald through to Niederwald, passing through the picturesque high valley of Obergoms and along the young Rhône. The trail is lined with thick protection forests and snowy white peaks.




19.36 km


3:00 h


The landscape here is breathtaking, and because the Goms high valley has an average altitude of 1,300 metres, snow is guaranteed. This varied cross-country ski trail leads from Oberwald to Niederwald, for the most part following the Young Rhône and passing the traditional Goms villages of Obergesteln, Ulrichen and Münster-Geschinen, the district capital.

The route offers a wide variety of scenery, cutting through forests and across broad, open fields, and always following the Young Rhône. The trail is generally very even, making it particularly suitable for the relaxed ski tourer whose priority is enjoying the surrounding landscape. Thanks to its high altitude, though, the trail is also used by professionals as a training course. The backdrop is lined with thick protection forests and snowy white peaks.

Restaurants in the villages along the trail invite you to stop by and enjoy some traditional Valais cuisine.

Turn-by-turn directions

For cross-country skiing, follow the logo indicated on the turquoise signposts (slope 640). Take a printout of our web map on your tour for safety's sake.


Train station in Oberwald (1363m)


Train station in Niederwald (1243m)

Author's recommendation

Split up your cross-country tour on the Rottenloipe: You can get on and off the train in each village and easily get back to your starting.

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Getting there

Public transport

Frequent CFF train connections from all over Switzerland to Brig, then MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) train or bus to Oberwald (1h 20). You can travel to the Goms valley coming from Zurich or Lucerne as well. Find full timetable information at


From Brig, follow the cantonal route 19 "Furkastrasse" for 40km until you arrive in Oberwald. You can travel to the Goms valley coming from Zurich or Lucerne as well. 


Parking at the train station in Oberwald. Follow the local car park routeing. 


We recommend: 

  • good cross-country skiing equipment
  • clothing suitable for the weather: always carry a waterproof jacket
  • hat or cap
  • sunscreen

Safety information

Use of the trails and the information on this website is at skiers’ own risk. Valais/Wallis Promotion accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of information on this website.

  • Use marked trails only, and observe all signposting – for your own safety, to safeguard grazing animals and to avoid disturbing wildlife.
  • Please be considerate to other trail users, and to the plants and animals. Do not leave any waste in nature, take with you waste from others.
  • Take extra care protecting yourself from the sun at altitude. UV radiation can be exceptionally strong, even in cloudy weather.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains, without warning. Appropriate clothing is therefore essential.

Additional information

More information about the destination: 


The tourist offices in the Goms valley have got brochures and information material about cross-country skiing. 


SwissTopo Maps 1:50'000: 265S Nufenenpass


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