Toboggan descent Fleschen-Richenen

Guaranteed fun and thrills on a sledge run where you discover the local scenery along the way. With views of the mountains, forests and traditional villages, you will experience all kinds of different scenery. How you do things depends on your mood and how you feel on the spur of the moment – whether you’re looking to be thrilled or simply captivated. You can head down in your sledge from Fleschen (2,000 metres above sea level) to Bellwald. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time to lose yourself in the far-reaching views towards the valley and the snowy forests that make up the magical vista. Or are you looking for action? Go for a lightning-fast sledge run on the well-groomed piste that will leave you wanting only one thing: to go again! The route begins with a stretch along the forest that offers breathtaking views of the Alps towards the Simplon Pass. You’ll then make several long runs through the forest itself before arriving back at the upper part of the resort, where you'll dive straight into the heart of Bellwald, a traditional village with a baroque church and cottages and barns whose wood has coloured in the sun. This village is situated in the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn region, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t forget that Fleschen is easily accessible by chairlift.

Bellwald24.05.2024 22:05

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  • 12°
  • 85%
  • 5km/h


Length: 6 km
Start: Fleschen (2064 m)
End: Bellwald (1566 m)
Difficulty: difficult
Toboggan rental: chairlift base station
Parking: chairlift Bellwald