Ice skating

Parc de Loisirs

Get your skates on and get down to the heart of Verbier

The outdoor skating rink at the Parc de Loisirs has been transformed into a huge ice arena where skating and sliding take pride of place. As soon as you arrive at the Parc, you cannot fail to notice the ice slide which you can launch yourselves down on a large inflated ring. A sure-fire fun thing to do!   Next to the slide, there is a 450m2 rink where you are free to go skating as you please. From there, you can then go for a leisurely stroll, skating along the magical ice path beneath a starry sky.  Top your evening off with a warming visit to the refreshment bar for a drink and some tasty hot snacks.

Plenty of free events and things to do will be put on over the winter season, so go to the page for up-to-date info.

Verbier24.05.2024 22:05

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  • 12°
  • 90%
  • 5km/h


Type: Outdoor rink
Ice slide / skate, buoy and helmet rental
One note of caution though: The outdoor skating arena may have to be temporarily closed in bad weather.