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Via ferrata of Evolène

Via Ferrata von Evolène


The via ferrata of Evolène consists of three tracks, and offers a great point of view on the Dent Blanche glacier and the Pigne d'Arolla.




2.24 km


2:30 h


The via ferrata of Evolène consists of three tracks. The starting point is accessible at the exit of the village, by the paragliding car park. A 15 minutes walk will lead you to the cliff's foot. At the beginning of the climb, you will have a first overhang with a view to take your breath away... and your arms as well! For the middle part follow the horizontal path also accessible to families with children. The last part with impressive overhangs is recommended only to experienced via ferrata climbers!

Turn-by-turn directions

Not far from the car park, walk in the direction of the via ferrata sign and then follow the zig-zag path through the woods to reach the starting point. After two small overhangs, you encounter more vertical climbs until the end of the ascent of the “Grand Mur”. Along the way, you have two opportunities to exit the route. On the way back down, head to the right towards the small village of Villa, where a marked path brings you back to Evolène.


Parking at the end of the village of Evolène when driving in direction of Les Haudères. (1387m)


Parking at the end of the village of Evolène when driving in direction of Les Haudères. (1386m)

Author's recommendation

Tackle Evolène’s via ferrata in late afternoon to enjoy a magnificent sunset over the Val d’Hérens.

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  • Completely cable-secured
Getting there

Public transport

Frequent train connections to Sion, from where you continue your journey by bus to Evolène.


Take the exit 27 (Sion-Est) of the Highway A9 and follow the "Route d'Hérens" which leads you to the valley. From Sion, you reach Evolène in about 25 minutes.


Parking at the end of the village of Evolène.


All climbers must wear a harness. Because of the risk of falling rocks along the route, a helmet is also essential. Ensure you have sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing, and bring a small rucksack with water and a snack. A suitable pair of gloves will protect your fingers and knuckles from grazes.

Safety information

Weather conditions: before setting off to tackle a via ferrata, it is important to check the weather forecast. Bad conditions can make climbing dangerous – particularly in stormy weather.

Rockfalls: because of the risk of falling rocks – usually caused by climbers higher up or by animals – all climbers are strongly advised to wear a helmet.

Safety: always leave sufficient distance between yourself and the climber ahead. There should never be more than one person between two anchor points.

Additional information

  • at the local sports shops

Find more information about the destination here:


 Eugen E. Hüsler, Daniel Anker : Die Klettersteige der Schweiz 


SwissTopo Maps 1:25'000: 1327 Evolène


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