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Nature park Pfyn-Finges

The change from glacier to vineyard, wetland to rocky steppe, Alpine hut to castle and German to French makes this nature park in Central Valais singularly attractive. Pfyn-Finges extends from Gampel to Sierre and from the terraced vineyards near Salgesch to the Bishorn. The nature park’s twelve towns and villages are spread over 277 square kilometres and are situated between 530 metres and 4,153 metres above sea level. Thanks to its dry climate and hot summers, Central Valais exhibits an extraordinary variety of species – a variety reminiscent of Mediterranean conditions. The nature park is easily accessible by public transportation and is well known among ornithologists. Besides natural gems such as the Turtmann Valley and the rocky steppes of Leuk, the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park includes also one of the country’s most important wine growing regions. In addition, it boasts such cultural treasures as the Castle of Leuk, renovated by Mario Botta.

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Travel: by train (SBB) to Leuk

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