Mountain lakes

Lac de Taney

The deep-blue waters of Lac de Taney are surrounded by the Jumelles twin peaks (Grammont and Col du Taney). The many flowers here include the alpine rose, monk's hood and mountain violet among others. Frogs croak on the shore and the shady forests nearby attract alpine salamanders. This is not surprising, since the Lac de Taney is well-known as a habitat of a vast number of amphibians. This miniature paradise is located at 1500m and was declared a national natural heritage site in the 1960s, but thanks to the visionaries of the time, the lake was not exposed to mass tourism as originally planned. It can still be visited, however, and you can even stay in the charming little mountain inn (in the summer village of Taney) on the western shore of the lake. The road leading to Lac de Taney is closed to private vehicles.

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Altitude: 1500 m