Mountain lakes

Lac de Salanfe

Nestled in a magnificent glacial basin at an altitude of 1 925m, Lake Salanfe is surrounded by the Dents-du-Midi range and the Tour Salière and Luisin peaks. A pleasant stroll around it takes less than 2 hours and is well-suited to families. Along the way, a discovery trail gives information on local alpine flora and fauna as well as the area’s geological points of interest. This beautiful spot can be reached in 1½ hour’s walk from the charming hamlet of Van, situated above the mountain villages of Salvan and Les Marécottes in the Trient Valley. The waters of the lake flow down through the Dailley Gorges, to exit in spectacular fashion via the Pissevache, the evocatively-named waterfall that marks the entry point into the canton of Valais just before Martigny. Lake Salanfe is a popular destination for visitors, known for its lovely alpine flowers and many walking trails.

Salvan/Les Marécottes21.05.2024 10:05


  • 15°
  • 70%
  • 10km/h


Altitude: 1925 m