Trail running


Beim Mattmark Staudamm



This trail run has a bit of everything: it starts with a long ascent and leads over two lonely valleys and the Swiss-Italian border to the largest earth dam in Europe, the Mattmark Dam. 




23.66 km


5:30 h


From Saas-Almagell, the trail leads in the direction of the Mattmark dam before turning left at the Zermeiggern equalisation basin up to the Furggtäli. The ascent initially takes place in serpentines through the larch forest before the lonely Furggtal valley opens up and the trail climbs steadily towards the Antrona Pass. The easy trail becomes increasingly rocky and technical. At the Antrona Pass, you reach the Swiss-Italian border and a spectacular view of Italy opens up.

The trail leads exposed around the Jazzihorn, here it gets technical and caution is advised. This is followed by a steep and technical downhill into the Ofental valley and down to the Mattmark reservoir, where a large crowd can be expected for the first time. The trail follows along the turquoise-blue water to the dam wall, where the downhill back to Saas-Almagell begins.

Turn-by-turn directions

From Saas-Almagell, the trail goes along the Saaser Vispe to Zer Meiggeru. At the bridge after the equalisation basin, the trail turns left and leads over the Furggalp and Furgtälli up to the Antronapass. On the border ridge, it goes behind the Stellihorn and Jazzihorn to the Jazzilücke. This is the most dangerous part of the trail. From Jazzilücke, the trail descends through the Ofutal valley to the Mattmark dam. The way back is via the hiking trail past the Eyualp and Zer Meiggeru back to Saas-Almagell.


Saas-Almagell village centre (1672m)


Saas-Almagell, village centre (1672m)

Author's recommendation

  • Early start in midsummer to avoid excessive heat.

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Best time of the year

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  • Scenic
  • Out and back
  • Round trip
Getting there

Public transport

Take the SBB to Visp and change there to the Postbus in the direction of Saas-Fee (bus 511). In Saas-Grund, change at Saas-Grund Post to the Postbus in the direction of Saas-Almagell (bus 513). Get off at the Dorfplatz stop.




Saas-Fee/Saastal can easily be reached by car from all directions, whether from Switzerland or abroad.You can reach us via Bern via the Lötschberg car transport from the north. You come over the Furka Pass or the Furka car transport from the east.From the south, you can reach us via the Simplon Pass or Simplon car transport, and from the west, you drive via Lausanne along the Rhône valley to Visp and towards Saas-Fee.

drive south in the direction of Saas-Fee. At the "Killerhof" roundabout after Stalden, take the second exit towards Saas-Fee. In Saas-Grund after the church turn left towards Saas-Almagell.


Large car park available after the Postplatz.


  • Trail running shoes
  • Outdoor clothing: Always carry a waterproof jacket
  • sun protection
  • Hydration and food
  • poles
  • Navigation tool
  • First aid kit

Safety information

Use of the trails and information on this website is at your own risk. Local conditions may result in changes to the route.

  • Use only marked trails and follow all signs and instructions - for your own safety, to protect grazing animals and out of respect for wildlife.
  • Always close gates after use. Be considerate of other trail users, plants and animals.
  • Bring extra sun protection. UV rays can be very strong at high altitudes, even in overcast weather.
  • Plan your trail carefully, taking into account the fitness levels of all participants, the weather forecast and the time of year.
  • Weather conditions in the mountains can change very quickly and without warning. Appropriate clothing and provisions (food and drink) are very important. If the weather is unstable, it is better to turn back early.
  • Inform others of your route and, if possible, do not go alone.
  • Pay attention to warning signs on river banks and along watercourses below dams and reservoirs: water levels can rise quickly and without warning.

Additional information

Style: flow 60%, technical 30%, exposed 10%
Running: 75%
Course: round, clockwise

More information about the destination:

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"Run the Alp" von Dan Patitucci & Janine Patitucci, Helvetiq-Verlag; ISBN: 978-2-940481-47-7


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