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ViaSbrinz - from cheese to the south (Valais section)

At the end of the Middle Ages, Sbrinz cheese became a star export from central Switzerland to the markets of northern Italy, enabling the mule track from Stans to Ponte to become a well-developed and important trade route. This historic itinerary, combined with a unique mountain landscape, makes the Via Sbrinz an unforgettable 115-kilometre long excursion with a 6,300-metre ascent. Divided into five tough stages of about 25 kilometres each, it runs from the shores of Lake Lucerne to the Formazza Valley in northern Italy. Between the Grimsel and Gries Alpine passes, hikers will discover wild areas of the Goms Valley (Conches) over some 20 kilometres. From the Grimsel Pass at 2,162 metres above sea level, the route first descends to Obergesteln, before climbing to the Gries Pass marking the border with Italy, at a height of 2,458 metres.

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Difficulty : difficult
Duration of the hike : 1-2 days