Grand bisse de St-Luc et bisse Roux

The Grand Bisse de St-Luc has been recorded since 1593. Completely renovated in 2020, it starts from either the Achelli car park or the Bella-Tola postal stop. Head towards the centre of the village of St-Luc and the church, then follow the signs behind the village hall. Take the Tsarirre path for 200 metres, then the route de la Fortoûna for 400 metres, before forking off to the right and climbing for around 80 metres. From here, the tinkling bisse will lull you along its course through forests, meadows and mayens. On the way back, pass through the Prilet gîte, before crossing the old village of St-Luc and returning to the starting point of your loop.

You can also extend your walk along the Bisse Roux, which will take you to the picturesque village of Ayer. From St-Luc, the 9.8-kilometre route takes around three hours to reach Ayer. From Ayer, you can take the post bus back to St-Luc.

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Starting point: St-Luc (1644m)
Destination: St-Luc (1644m)






Vertical metres

+345m, -345m

Hiking time