Region Visp & Moosalp


Old stables in Bürchen with the Bietschhorn in the background, Valais


The resort of Bürchen, also known as ‘Birkendorf’ has devoted itself entirely to the birch trees, after which it is named. Along the Birch Trail ten information panels teach visitors everything there is to know about this native tree. Bring a picnic or eat at one of the restaurants along the trail. Bring plenty of fluids and good hiking shoes. After spending their summer days out grazing, more than 100 cows return to the barn on the Moosalp each evening so that they can be milked. To reach the barn they have to go on the road and this holds up all motorised traffic for about 30 minutes. A total of 220 kilometres of hiking trails and 70 kilometres of bike routes await guests in Bürchen.

Renowned for

  • Snow Sport

  • Cycling & Biking

  • Bisses

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  • 14°
  • 18°
  • 70%
  • 20km/h