Lötschberg region


Sonnige Halden, summer, Valais


The charming village of Ausserberg on the southern flank of the Rhône Valley impress visitors with his almost untouched nature and diverse flora and fauna. The well-maintained network of hiking trails that includes the 20km Lötschberg South Ramp route – the classic high-level trail between Hohtenn and Brig with its Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation and fantastic views of the Rhône Valley – is every hiker’s dream. The four valleys of Jolital, Bietschtal, Baltschiedertal and Gredetschtal, which run in a straight line from the Bietschhorn Massiv down to the Rhône Valley, are a scenic highlight at the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The breathtaking Niwärch bisse takes hikers to the Baltschiedertal – Wiwannihütte fixed-rope climbing route. In Ausserberg, as well as visiting the village brewery there is also a medicinal herb garden featuring 40 different plants which are used to make tinctures and ointments.

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