Bisse de Savannes Bellecrête et Bisse de Vercorin

Constructed in 1358, the Bisse de Vercorin is fed by the river La Rèche, and served to irrigate the orchards and supply the water mills of Vercorin. The path along the channel offers access to one of the last valleys in Valais inaccessible to cars: the Vallon de Réchy, which promises a magnificent experience of pristine nature and alpine tranquillity. At the highest point of the walk, stop at the little café, the Buvette de La Lé, to enjoy local produce before heading down to Chalais. The scenery along the whole path offers an idyllic setting in which to enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature, with a good chance of spotting local wildlife.


Starting point: Vercorin (1'320m)
Destination: Chippis (527m)
Restaurants and pubs: Vercorin, Buvette de la Lé, Chippis


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 17,4 km
Vertical metres: +425m, -1220m
Hiking time: 5h40