Dams and reservoirs

Dams and reservoirs


The Mattmark dam, the biggest earthen dam in Europe, lies south of the Saas Valley. The reservoir, used for generating electricity, is a popular destination with visitors interested in learning technical details of its operation and who love its wild, romantic location. A modern mountain restaurant with an exhibition space is located here at 2205m. Visitors can enjoy an unimpeded view of the glistening reservoir and a breathtaking panorama extending to the Monte Moro Pass. The crest of the Mattmark dam, at 2200m, is easily accessible by car or public transport. From this point you can take a gentle stroll on a level path around the lake. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete the hike around the lake by foot.


Duration: On request
Opening period: On request (mo-fr)
Height: 120 m
Capacity: 100 Mio. m3

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