Top 10 apricot products from Valais

With their velvety skin, sweet and sour taste and orangey-red colouring, apricots, Valais’ quintessential fruit, can be enjoyed as is. They are one of the gourmet pleasures of the summer season. It is also possible however to find its taste in many by-products that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of this fruit throughout the year.

Apricot brandies and liqueurs (Valais Apricotine PDO/ apricot liqueur/ douce d’abricot)

Transformed by steam in copper stills, apricots release their intense flavours into the brandy of which they are made. Their transparent alcohol, both fruity and delicate, can be enjoyed as a digestive to round off a good meal, as a dessert with a sorbet or in a refreshing cocktail.

Production of Abricotine AOP, Apricots, Valais Wallis Schweiz

Jams (branded Valais)

Discover the flavours of freshly picked Valais apricots in artisanal Valais branded jams, in which fruit is simmered in sugar to release its aromas before being poured manually into the jars. Eaten in a sandwich on Valais PDO rye bread or in a cake, these jams can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack.

Valais apricot jam, Valais, Switzerland

Apricot Balsamic/Apricot Mustard

Balsamic and apricot mustard are two products that add a little twist to your most traditional recipes. Bring a gourmet note to your salads with apricot balsamic added to a vinaigrette or use apricot mustard as a condiment to add a subtle fruity touch to red or white meats.

Apricot nectar

Full of vitamins and tasty, the finest apricots can also be sipped as nectar. Iris apricot nectars, made from Valais apricot puree, including the emblematic Luizet, allow you to discover the delicate flavours of this sun-drenched fruit in a bottle.

Apricot juice Valais brand Wallis Schweiz Switzerland Suisse


Rich in vitamin A and linoleic acid, apricot kernel oil has many nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating properties for the skin and is therefore known for toning the epidermis and restoring its radiance. Enjoy all these benefits with Valeve cosmetics. Serums, creams, milks, tonics or treatments, find the apricot in a wide range of products.

Apricot wine

Apricot wine is an aperitif-style wine with very low alcohol content. It is sparkling, slightly sweet and served iced on a terrace or as a dessert wine. It has the sweet aromas of this typical Valais fruit.

Apricot ice cream

Apricot sorbets are 100% natural, composed of 70% fruit. They are very refreshing and extremely popular on hot summer days.

Apricot chutney

An must-try condiment thanks to its sweet and sour taste, apricot chutney goes well with white meats, vegetable curries or rice and can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. The apricots are simmered in sugar and vinegar to reveal all their aromas and flavour the most delicate dishes.

Valais apricot chutney, Recipe, Valais, Switzerland

Apricot fruit compote

Whether as a dessert or snack, compotes are appreciated by young and old alike. Smooth, light, and with an intense taste, the Iris apricot fruit compote is composed of fruit gorged with generous Valais sunshine. An original way to taste our local apricots.

Apricot slab

Valaisan salted meats are a must at social moments. Enjoy the surprising combination of meat and apricots with an apricot slab. The combination of the meat’s salty and spicy flavours with the sweet notes of dried apricot, along with the combination of blended textures will please the most demanding palates.