Valais Specialties

Natural mineral water of Valais

Great Aletsch Glacier, Valais

“Blue gold” of the Alps

Good to know

The mineral wealth of the Valais mountains also accounts for the diversity of flavour in water from different sources: especially soft south of the river Rhône, the drinking water on the northern side of the valley is much richer in minerals. This crystalline water combines purity, freshness and character to quench the thirst of the most discerning palates!

Average mineral content in Valais

Calcium: 104 mg/l Magnesium: 23 mg/l Potassium: 2.5 mg/l Sodium: 11.5 mg/l Chloride: 15 mg/l Nitrate: 9 mg/l Sulphate: 131 mg/l

Waterfall in the Saas Valley, summer in Valais, Switzerland