Health and medtech

An entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, business incubators, an established top-tier university are the fundamental ingredients which make of Valais a land of innovation. In the field of health, the links in the value chain are all present, from research to commercialisation, via the design of medical equipment. Thanks to these companies and start-ups, Valais plays a key role in determining the medicine of the future.

Medical devices

TRB Chemedica SA in Vouvry specialises in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of medical devices in the fields of rheumatism and ophthalmology. They focus on intra-articular viscosupplementation and artificial tears. The site also produces GM1, a very promising ganglioside against neurodegenerative disorders.

Approximately 1.5 million vials, the entire global production of the group’s intra-articular injectable products, are produced at its factory in Vouvry.

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Intolerance testing

IHMA Europe Sarl studies new and existing antimicrobials in vitro, and also has a benchmark and collection laboratory for Phase II, III and IV clinical trials of clients affected by infectious illnesses.

The US-based company IHMA Inc has just one European site, which is in Monthey.

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Therapeutic proteins

ExcellGene is a company that specialises in innovative research and development services for businesses involved in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors at an international level. Thanks to ExcellGene’s development of miniature bioreactors, the process for producing therapeutic proteins is now much quicker and less expensive. These proteins are used by pharmaceutical companies in the composition of medication, and are used most notably in the treatment of breast cancer and arthritis.

ExcellGene’s cutting-edge expertise and bioreactors make cultured cells, from which a wide range of therapeutic proteins are made, up to twenty times more productive.

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Measuring devices

Myotest SA is developing a new generation of intelligent digital running trainers including a cloud-based service. By using the 3D accelerometer signals available on all smartphones and other sports accessories, Myotest can evaluate a runner’s bio-mechanics. On the basis of the runner’s performance objectives, the application will offer the runner customised training plans and advice, while monitoring their progress.

Alpine skiing champion Lara Gut uses Myotest equipment to train.

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Did you know?

The Valais-based start-up Eyeware, alongside the Swiss Clinic for Rehabilitation and Support in Western Switzerland and the Ark Foundation, is developing technologies that will allow those with reduced mobility to control a computer with their eyes.