Of pirates, Tarzan and marmots.

We love being in the Saas valley – the Saastal, as they call it here – and the kids totally adore it. Jana and Tim are growing fast, and every year they become interested in new things. Meanwhile we parents can really switch off and relax in these breathtaking mountain landscapes, surrounded by nature. Here’s a write-up of our adventures during our last stay.

The Lehmann family

1st day: Fun all the way.

The journey to Saas-Fee by train and bus is an adventure in itself, year after year. The ever-changing Valais landscapes feel like one giant animal park: the kids are glued to the windows, busy counting sheep, cows and goats. They are eager to see if our luggage has beaten us to our holiday home, so they rush ahead – and find we can unpack right away. A short while later, we are already pirates on a treasure hunt and adrenalin addicts on the Feeblitz summer toboggan run. Worth knowing : You can book accommodation as well as train and bus tickets quickly and easily at the online shop of Valais/Wallis Promotion. With a guest card, you enjoy discounts on a wide variety of activities and services.

Go on a treasure hunt in Valais, holidays with children, family destination, Grächen, Valais, Switzerland

2nd day: One day, three records and countless experiences.

Early in the morning the next day, we ride the world’s highest underground funicular, the Metro Alpin, from the Felskinn station up to the Mittelallalin. Here we enjoy the sun’s first rays and a hearty breakfast in the world’s highest revolving restaurant. Topped up with energy and dazzled by the incredible panoramic views, we then explore deep inside the world’s largest ice pavilion: a bewitching world of mystery, legends and fairy tales. Worth knowing Children under the age of 6 travel free of charge on all cable cars, chairlifts and the funicular in the Saas valley. Don’t forget Definitely bring a camera. Sunrise at 3,500 metres means fabulous photos for the family album. We round off our day up on high in the rope park. We climb from tree to tree like Tarzan – or at least the kids do. This year, once again, the biggest test of courage is the zip wire.

Child on a rope sliding, Valais, Switzerland

3rd day: Animal company on a walk.

Armed with nuts and carrots, we set off today to pamper the marmots. Our walk takes us from the Spielboden gondola summit station down to Saas-Fee. With the cute furry rodents for company, everyone has fun – including those among us who aren’t normally wild about walking. In the evening, it’s our turn to feast. We take seats at the restaurant La Ferme and, after an active day in the mountains, treat ourselves to local delicacies. Worth knowing Not all the food in your rucksack is good for marmots. You can buy bags of suitable feed at the tourist office or at the base station of the Spielboden gondola. Forgotten your hiking poles? No problem. You can hire sports equipment quickly and easily from the online shop of Valais/Wallis Promotion. Don’t forget Put some goodies in the rucksack for yourselves as well as for the marmots! We recommend tasty Valais specialities such as rye bread, dried meat and apricots.

Drei kleine Murmeltiere auf dem Land, Wallis, Schweiz

4th Day: Can’t wait to come back!

Once again it’s time to say goodbye to the “Pearl of the Alps”, and we set off on our journey home – but we make a cool stop along the way. From Saas-Grund, a gondola takes us in just 15 minutes up to Kreuzboden with its lake, petting zoo, water park and theme trail. We have a go at fishing and soon manage to catch our lunch. We enjoy the tasty trout straight from the barbecue by the Hohsiland children’s play area, before hurtling back down to the valley on monster scooters. And finally it’s time to say: “Bye, beautiful Saastal – we can’t wait to come back!” Worth knowing The Kreuzboden-Hohsaas area is also great for mountain biking with the whole family, thanks to a variety of trails. The Saas-Grund mountain biker day ticket covers both you and your bike. Don’t forget Bring swimming gear, a dry set of clothing and a picnic up to Kreuzboden, and you are equipped for every possible adventure.