Zinal Glacier

The Zinal glacier, formed at the confluence of 3 other glaciers (the Grand Cornier, Durant, and Mountet), ranges in altitude from 2000m to 3450m. The glacier tongue (largely covered by stones) from which the river Navisence emerges can be seen from the Petit Mountet mountain hut. From the Lac d’Arpitettaz (2288m), the Weisshorn, Moming and Blanc de Moming glaciers are also visible. In winter, after a 2.5 hour snowshoe walk led by a guide, you can go right inside the Zinal glacier, into caves (which can be up to 200 metres long) hollowed out by streams that flow beneath it.

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Altitude: 2000-3450m
Length: 5.8km

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