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Bietschhorn Bike

Mountainbiker machen eine Pause vor einem Brunnen, Lötschental, Bietschhorn Bike


This scenic ride from Lauchernalp down to Wiler promises glorious panoramic views, notably of the Bietschhorn.




13.19 km


1:46 h


Known for its wealth of traditions and pristine natural landscapes, the Lötschental valley promises visitors a unique experience in every way. Mountain bike enthusiasts enjoy magnificent panoramic views and spectacular routes – such as the Bietschhorn Trail.

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Turn-by-turn directions

The Trail starts at Lauchernalp, perched on a sunny terrace high above the valley floor and accessible by cable car. Pause to enjoy the superb mountain views taking in the Bietschhorn opposite, the iconic Weisshorn and Dent Blanche. Then mount your bike for the first section of route: a roughly level ride across the alpine pastures of the Lötschental. After Lauchernalp comes Hockenalp, with its beautiful wooden chapel; the trail then continues to Kummenalp and Restialp, where you will find mountain restaurants for a well-earned break and refreshments. The trail leads onwards to Faldumalp, whose pretty wooden chapel dedicated to “Mary of the snows”, makes a charming photo subject. This is the starting point for the descent to Ferden – whose village centre is also worth exploring, with buildings dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. Continue through Kippel, the village that serves as the valley’s administrative centre, to reach Wiler and the base station of the cable car. 



Lauchernalp (1969m)


Wiler (1397m)

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The wooden chapels at Hockenalp and Faldumalp make beautiful photo subjects.

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Getting there

Public transport

Postal bus every hour from Gampel/Steg via Goppenstein to Wiler. Descend at bus stop “Wiler, Talstation” by the cable car station.


From Goppenstein drive up the Lötschental valley, through the villages of Ferden and Kippel to Wiler and the base station of the cable car.


Parking available (outdoor and indoor) at the valley station of the cable car; fee payable.


We recommend: a bike in excellent working order, a helmet, gloves and a bell, clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof), food and drink.

Safety information

Use marked bike trails and routes only, making sure you observe all signposting. Kindly close gates after passing through. Please be considerate to walkers, as well as to plants and animals. As a rule, walkers have priority. When planning, take into account participants’ fitness level and ability. All riding is at one’s own risk. 

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The tourist offices in Wiler and Lauchernalp have a range of brochures and other informative material about mountain biking in the region.


SwissTopo maps 1:25’000: 1268 Lötchental


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