Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Cave Les Fils de René Favre

Welcome to Mike and John’s, in Saint-Pierre-de-Clages in the municipality of Chamoson. Their range comprises some twenty wines and grand crus from grape varieties including fendant, petite arvine, gamay, pinot noir and even a diolinoir matured in larch barrels. They are lucky enough to cultivate petite arvine vine stock planted back in the 1920s on slopes nestled at the foot of the vast face of the Haut de Cry mountain. This vine stock is, without a doubt, amongst the oldest in Valais for this grape variety, making petite arvine something of a house speciality.


Languages spoken: French, English

Visit the cellar: by arrangement

Les Fils de René Favre
Route de Collombey 15
1955 Saint-Pierre-de-Clages
+41 27 306 39 21