AOP Mund Saffron

Saffron has been highly popular throughout Europe ever since the Renaissance, and there has been a busy trade in the product. It appears from documentary records that saffron has been used and traded in Switzerland since at least the 15th century. But what about the growing of saffron? Legend has it that saffron has been grown in the village of Mund since the 14th century without interruption. AOP Mund saffron is a spice from Mund, the last remaining village in Switzerland to grow saffron. While the quantity produced is very small, just two to three kilos a year, its reputation goes far beyond the boundaries of Valais. Starting in 1977, the residents of the village have been doing everything they can to keep on growing saffron, and they have succeeded in preserving the crop and actually raising production. This has made the village entirely unique in the Alps, with a good one-and-a-half hectares (14,000 square metres) of land devoted to saffron cultivation.

Recipes with AOP Mund Saffron