Living and working in Valais

Situated in the heart of the Alps, Valais prides itself on offering its inhabitants an ideal living environment. With nature on its doorstep and urban centres that can be easily accessed thanks to an established transport network, the canton provides a superior quality of life and the perfect work-life balance. On top of all that, Valais’s flourishing economy offers stimulating career prospects. From family-run SMEs to large international groups, as well as from start-ups to innovative projects, Valais is a dynamic canton. Spoilt for choice, everyone can find a welcoming environment that is perfectly adapted to their needs!

Some stats:

  • Valais’s GDP represents 18.8 billion Swiss francs and is distributed across the three economic sectors as follows:
    > Tertiary sector: 70%
    > Secondary sector: 28%
    > Primary sector: 2%
  • 1 in every 2 Swiss francs is made from exports
  • The industry sector represents 21,000 jobs and creates 25% of the cantonal added value
  • Tourism represents 24,100 jobs and creates 15% of the cantonal added value
  • 28% of Swiss hydroelectricity is generated in Valais
  • It is rated as the 2nd Swiss canton in life sciences
  • The Energypolis Campus in Sion is a whole ecosystem of innovation with 43,000 sq. m of space accommodating 1,000 researchers
  • “The Ark” technology park covers 25,000m2 across 6 sites
  • Working in Valais

  • Working in Valais

  • Living and working in Valais