Mauvoisin - Trophy of the Dams

This route consists of a climb to Mauvoisin dam from Le Châble and offers a view of Mont Rogneux, the Rosablanche and the Grand Combin.

The starting point is situated at the bridge that straddles the Dranse river and the railway line near Le Châble. There are no major slopes on the Route de Mauvoisin until Le Fregnoley, at which point it becomes steeper and more uneven, with a few level stretches and gentle downhill sections punctuating the climb towards Fionnay reservoir lake and the journey through Bonatchiesse hamlet. You’ll pass through a number of short galleries along the route, as well as crossing several wooden bridges over waterways. The valley grows wilder and narrower as the kilometres roll on, allowing you to discover an unspoilt natural landscape and stunning panoramic views. Cyclists can admire various peaks during the climb, including Mont Rogneux, the Rosablanche and the Grand Combin (4,314 m.a.s.l). Once you reach the dam, it's worth taking a look at Mauvoisin lake (1,961 m.a.s.l). The official finishing point of the route is situated near the restaurant at 1,841 metres in altitude.

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Turn-by-turn directions

The starting post is situated on the right bank of the bridge across the Dranse river. Valais cycle signs then mark out the rest of your climb. You will pass through the villages of Versegères, Champsec, Lourtier, Fionnay and Bonatchiesse. The route also takes you through a number of galleries and over wooden bridges across waterways. On leaving the village of Lourtier, take the summer road along the right bank of the Dranse river to avoid passing through two tunnels, one of which is very long. After climbing for some 18.3km, the route officially finishes near the restaurant at 1,841m in altitude.

Start: Le Châble, bridge (821 m)
Destination: Restaurant de Mauvoisin (1841 m)

Author's recommendation

Admire the complexity of the dam’s structural elements as you pass by various installations over the course of the climb.

Technical information

  • Altitude

    1841 m 822 m

  • Ascent

    1020 m

  • Descent

    0 m

  • Technique

    Bewertung: 5 .0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Stamina

    Bewertung: 5 .0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Expérience

    Bewertung: 6 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Landscape

    Bewertung: 6 .0 von 5.0 Punkten

Public transport

Travel to Martigny on the Brig-Simplon line and then to Le Châble on the St-Bernard Express line.


Take the A9 motorway from Lausanne or Sierre, then take the Martigny-Grand St. Bernard exit towards Sembrancher onto the E27. Continue on the Route de la Vallée to Le Châble.


Parking available at Le Châble train station.


We recommend: bike in excellent working order, helmet, gloves and bell, clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof), food and drink.

Safety information

Strictly respect the Swiss traffic rules. Please note that you are running the tour at your own risk and all liability is refused. Please be considerate to plants and animals. For your own safety, wear an helmet every time you ride a bike. Emergency numbers: 144 Ambulance / 117 Police / 1414 Helicopter Rescue (Rega).


The tourist office in Le Châble has brochures and information material about road cycling in the region.


SwissTopo Maps 1:25'000: 1325 Sembrancher / 1326 Rosablanche / 1346 Chanrion