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Blue gold at the foot of the Matterhorn

The starting point and first stop of the treasure hunt are at the tourist office by the station. After the 2nd stop, you pass in front of Zermatt’s English church, built to welcome the first English mountaineers who came to scale the Matterhorn and other summits. The 3rd stop is located in the old part of the village. You then pass through the “English quarter” to the Kirchbrücke bridge, which offers a superb view of the Matterhorn, and on to the Matterhorn Express gondola station. The 4th stop is located right by the Mattervispa river; the treasure hunt continues along its banks as far as the sheepfold of the Julen family. The 5th stop is located just next to it. The trail then leads through the Tuftra residential district to Winkelmatten. Near the chapel is the 6th stop. The route continues in the direction of Findeln, revealing a view of the viaduct of the Gornergratbahn railway. Before the path begins climbing, you’ll find the 7th stop. The trail climbs as far as the railway tracks, before returning to the village. The route passes along the Riedstrasse, which offers another magnificent view of the Matterhorn, to lead eventually back to the tourist office – where the treasure chest is located.


Safety information and equipment: Hiking gear. Sun protection (cream and hat). Snacks and drinks. Bring a pencil for answering the puzzles.
Suggestion: The Gorner gorge, just 15 minutes’ walk from the village centre, promises a thrilling adventure for all the family. A sequence of wooden walkways through the deep ravine, sculpted by water over millions of years, offers a thrilling experience of the power of nature.
Public transports: SBB train (Swiss Federal Railways) to Visp; then Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn railway all the way to the terminus in Zermatt.
Parking: Zermatt is a car-free resort. Parking is available at Täsch; a passenger train shuttle links the two villages.

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