Bodmeri - Beitra

Constructed in 1915, the Bodmeri-Beitra irrigation channel takes its water from the Riedbach stream at Mutji, at an altitude of 1,680 m, for distribution across the alpine pastures of Visperterminen. Make sure you visit the cabin of the channel’s guardian and also stop to admire the dramatic gangways built along the former irrigation channel, the Niwa. The itinerary follows a loop across the high meadows of Visperterminen, from which you enjoy superb views of the surrounding 4,000-metre peaks.


Starting point: Visperterminen (1'360m)
Destination: Visperterminen (1'345m)
Restaurants and pubs: Visperterminen


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 14,9 km
Vertical metres: +620m, -635m
Hiking time: 4h45