Siti geologici


The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne

Euseigne lies in Val d'Hérens, near the world's highest dam, the Grande Dixence. The earth pyramids of Euseigne are one of the most important geological sights in the Alps and are protected monuments. The valley’s main road leads directly through the fascinating natural formations, which rise up to 15 metres. The cones were created in the end phase of the last Ice Age, about 80,000 to 10,000 years ago. When the ice retreated, enormous piles of debris remained, which contained enormous boulders. Rain and meltwater gradually freed these boulders, and as the water continued to erode and carve out the area surrounding the boulders, these rocks served as protective caps for the soil underneath them, enabling the formation of the well-known natural monuments.


Location: Val d'Hérens
Start and End: from the road leading to the Val d'Hérens, quite prominent
Hiking time: ca. 30 min
Difficulty: easy

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