Preparare il pane di segale


Rye bread according to an old family recipe

Bread from the village oven cannot be compared with conventional farmhouse bread, rustic bread or even white bread; the bread of Saint-Luc is most likely different from that of the other mountain villages, and it is certainly very different from the rye bread which is sold in modern bakeries. A bread that is out of this world... Come to Saint-Luc and bake your own rye bread according to a family recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation, and which each family uses to this day once a year to bake their own bread in the village oven. You will be initiated into the final secret of this regional tradition, and will be allowed to take part in the preparation of this famous bread according to the Saint-Luc recipe: a bread with unique ingredients and a taste which is unlike any other. The Bread Trail and rye bread baking in the village oven of Saint-Luc make a good combination.


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