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Intchié No

Situated at the top of Rue du Grand Pont in Sion, this pretty grocery store stocks a vast selection of all kinds of products from local farms: dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables, preserves, cereals, oil/vinegar, drinks and locally prepared dishes.

Plus points: fresh meat cuts and loose dry products.

Intchiè No develops experiences with farms, meetings with local producers, cookery courses, informative courses on nutrition and seasonal produce, etc. Experiences from seed to plate for young and old.


Selection of products:

Cheese and dairy products
Cured meat/meat products
Baked goods
Seasonal fruit and vegetables
Other : Oil, vinegar, syrups, spices, loose cereals, preserves, ready-made meals, fresh meat cuts


Indirizzo: Grand Pont 46, 1950 Sion
Opening time: Mon-Thu 9 am - 7 pm / Fri 8 am - 7 pm / Sat 9 am - 5 pm

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