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Chemin des berges du Rhône

Starting point is Ardon, an important wine-growing village producing the well-known Fendant. The path leads out of the village and reveals views of the considerable vineyard terraces that extend far across the valley. On the horizon, you can make out the Valais Alps and now and then, the soothing sound of the Rhone adds to the idyllic setting. The path continues along the embankment in the direction of Sion. You soon reach a small, tranquil lake which beautifully reflects the distant mountains. A little later, you cross a bridge and shortly afterwards reach a man-made lake on the outskirts of Sion. This is the perfect place to take a break and admire the natural lido with its spacious meadow shoreline. Return to the embankment path and follow the rushing Rhone, enjoying the captivating views of valley and mountains. Pass Sion Airport before reaching the centre of Sion, also known as Switzerland's sunniest town.


Location: Sion
Start: Ardon
End: Sion
Length: 11 km
Time: ca. 2 h 35 min
Difficulty: medium

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