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UTO and Valpellets SA

Understand the green power production and the upcycling of waste UTO and Valpellets SA are two companies located on the same industrial estate in the heart of Valais, in Uvrier. UTO collects, processes and recycles various types of waste on behalf of the population in its 36 partner municipalities. Situated directly next to UTO, the waste depot serves as a sorting centre for multi-waste. The site is reserved for the collection of all types of household and industrial waste. Valpellets, on the other hand, produces and distributes wood pellets which are used to heat private homes and public buildings. Valpellets uses the thermal and electric heat produced by UTO to dry the sawdust or timber required to make the pellets.


Visit: 1/2 day on request (5-30 pers.)
Language: french
Price: free

Promenade des Berges 10
1958 Uvrier

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