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Les Toules

Les Toules dam lies in the Bourg-St-Pierre parish in the Entremont Valley, and is fed primarily by the Dranse d’Entremont River. Get the ultimate adrenaline rush by rap jumping from this 86m arched dam! Wearing a hang-glider harness and in a horizontal position facing outwards, you’ll rappel down, adjusting your speed yourself. With a guide securing you from the bottom, you can conquer the abyss in total safety!


Visit: on resquest
Season: june to october

Location: Bourg-St-Pierre
Height: 86m
Capacity: 20 Mio. m3

Infos and reservation:
FGB Forces Motrices du Grand-St-Bernard
Usine de Pallazuit
Route de l’Usine
1945 Liddes
+41 27 782 64 10

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