Preparare il pane di segale


Baking in the village oven in Blatten

The village oven in Blatten was built in the year 1826. Families used to bake their own bread in this oven in the first half of the 20th century, and the communal oven was fired up once a month for this purpose. After that the oven would be in use for several days as one family after another baked their bread. With the opening of the village to the outside world through the construction of Talstrasse in 1954/55, Blatten residents started to buy their bread from bakeries in Wiler and, later on, in Kippel, and the village oven began to lose its significance. Our tip for visitors: bake your own bread in the Blatten village oven dating from 1826. In just 4 hours, you will experience a little bit of what daily life was like back then, from creation of the dough and kneading to the forming and baking of the bread.


Baking on advance notification.