Grossi Wasserleitu von Varen – Bisse Neuf

The Grossi Wasserleitu or Bisse de Varen is sourced from the Raspille; it crosses a glade and runs through the huge rock slabs of Blatte to water the meadows and vineyards of Varen. The Raspille forms the boundary between two language areas, and it shares its waters among the neighbouring communities; the Bisse Neuf also takes water from this river to slake the thirst of those living on the Venthône hills.


Starting point: Varen (758m)
Destination: Venthône (808m)
Restaurants and pubs: Varen, Venthône


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 10,7 km
Vertical metres: +320 m, -270 m
Hiking time: 3h15

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