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Grimsel Bike

Great attraction of this route is undoubtedly the scenery, with glorious panoramic views. Starting at the Grimsel Pass by the shimmering Totensee lake, the trail soon reaches its highest point at 2,206 metres before beginning the long descent into the Rhône valley.

  • Difficulty

    medium, S1

    Difficulty: medium
    S1 Smaller obstacles such as flat roots, stones or small gullies; the surface may not always be firm. Gradients of up to 40%. No hairpin turns. Basic MTB technique required, such as controlled braking and ability to shift centre of gravity
  • Length

    10.4 km

  • Duration

    0:47 h

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The route starts at the Grimsel Pass and finishes at Obergesteln after a ride of 11 km and a vertical drop of 800 metres: perfect for mountain bikers who prefer descents to climbs. For the first section of the itinerary, as far as Unnerbrunnji, you follow in the footsteps of the mule drivers who for centuries transported goods between northern and southern Europe via the Grimsel: you are riding on trails steeped in history. The descent continues through a larch forest until Obergesteln.

Turn-by-turn directions

Before starting your ride, you have to travel up to the starting point: the Grimsel Pass, one of the iconic alpine crossings at more than 2,000 metres above sea level. This is the heart of a wild region of spectacular natural beauty, ideal for mounting biking. If you’re not too keen on pedalling uphill, the Grimsel Bike route is for you.

Start: Grimselpass (2163 m)
Destination: Obergesteln (1353 m)

Author's recommendation

Visit the historic alpine hotel Grimsel Hospiz

Technical information

  • Altitude

    2206 m 1352 m

  • Ascent

    44 m

  • Descent

    854 m

  • Technique

    Bewertung: 3.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Stamina

    Bewertung: 1.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Expérience

    Bewertung: 5 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Landscape

    Bewertung: 6.0 von 5.0 Punkten

Public transport

Bus from Oberwald to the Grimsel Pass


From Brig, follow Route 19 "Furkastrasse" to Gletsch. In Gletsch, turn left on Gletsch/Route 6 (signs for Grimsel). From Innertkirchen, follow Grimselstrasse/Route 6 (signs for Gletsch/Grimsel) for 26 km.


In Oberwald and at the Grimsel Pas


We recommend: bike in excellent working order, helmet, gloves and bell, clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof), food and drink.

Safety information

Use marked bike trails and routes only, and observe all signposting. Please close gates after passing through. Please be considerate to walkers and to plants and animals. As a rule, walkers have priority. When planning, take into account participants’ fitness level and ability. All riding is at one’s own risk.


The tourist office in Münster has got brochures and information material about hiking in the region.


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