Caccia al tesoro


Solve riddles with Vero, the little witch

The walk from Belalp down to Blatten offers a chance to experience alpine nature in all its variety – and also marvel at the house of Belalp’s lovable little witch, Vero. The treasure hunt starts at the tourist office in Blatten bei Naters, and begins with a ride by cable car up to Belalp, at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres. From here, the trail leads through Chiematte and the Bäll alpine pastures to the Kelchbach river. Along the way, you pass through villages typical of the region, and will no doubt encounter a herd of Valais Blackneck goats or cows. The treasure hunt then continues through the Antonius forest to the hamlets of Tschuggen and Hasul and back to Blatten where, at the entrance to the village, you will find the eighth and final puzzle. If you have solved all the puzzles correctly, you will crack the code that will allow you to open the treasure chest back at the tourist office in Blatten.


Safety information and equipment: Hiking gear and strong footwear. Sun protection (cream and hat). Food and drink. Bring a pencil for answering the puzzles.
Suggestion: A visit to the World Nature Forum in Naters offers a fascinating insight into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch”. The “Hexenkessel” recreation area has a wide range of attractions for children and families, including mini-golf, an adventure rope park, barbecue picnic sites and a paddling lake.
Public transports: Train to Brig. Continue by PostBus (direction: Naters/Blatten bei Naters) as far as Blatten bei Naters.
Parking: A car park and parking spaces are available at Blatten bei Naters.