Bisses d’Ergisch and Tenneri

A walk along the Ergisch irrigation channel leads you through idyllic forests and across lush alpine pastures, revealing some of the finest landscapes of Valais. This channel takes its water from the Turtmann river, at an altitude of 1,300 metres. The footpath alongside takes you to the heart of the enchanting Turtmann valley, with its magnificent forests and pristine nature. Constructed in the 1920s, the channel was in many places carved out of the living rock; as the water gushes over its bed of stone, it creates a delightful soundtrack to your walk through the fragrant larch forest.


Starting point: Ergisch (1'086m)
Destination: Gampel-Steg (631m)
Restaurants and pubs: Ergisch, Gampel-Steg


Difficulty: middle
Distance: 11.5 km
Vertical metres: +285m, -740m
Hiking time: 3h15

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