«Santigläistrichijer» in Fiesch

Every year on 5 December, the traditional custom of «Trichije» (cowbell ringing) and «Nachttrichije» (night-time cowbell ringing) is held in Fiesch. Cowbells and Schnitzelbank poems with a difference! The younger ringers get underway at 1:00 pm. Once it begins to get dark, it is the turn of the grown-ups. Under no circumstances should you miss the parade beginning at 9:00 pm in the Fiesch village square. All the night ringers gather here with St. Nicholas and «Schmutzli», together with the residents of Fiesch and any visitors, in order to hear the praise of St. Nicholas and comments on the performance. Throughout the evening, the night ringers go from pub to pub, consuming Glühwein, nuts and tangerines.

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