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The Salzgäb Chestnut Forest

In the year 2003, the citizens of Mörel launched a project to recultivate and replant the Salzgäb chestnut forest on 3.3 hectares of land. The idea was to raise the agricultural, scenic and ecological quality of this key area and the 17-hectare surrounding zone as a forest reserve, and to rediscover the chestnut as an organic product in Mörel as well. Apart from ‘raising the ecological quality of this agriculturally significant area’, the Salzgäb forest reserve project also has a ‘pedagogical’ interest: sensitising the public to the natural and cultural heritage of the chestnut forest. Visitors will be taken through the forest reserve using the existing trail and a new one, which has not yet been completed. The educational exhibit in the De Sepibus building, and the informational plaques situated at suitable points, will give the public information about the project. In addition, a small community centre has been built in a stone barn in the eastern part of the central zone.

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