Mountain bike tours

Mountain bike tours

Rothorn-Zermatt Bike Tour (Nr. 22)

What a run! The downhill from Rothorn to Zermatt entails a vertical drop of 1,678 m. You ride on the gravel path, not the single trails.

  • Difficulty

    easy, S1

    Difficulty: easy
    S1 Smaller obstacles such as flat roots, stones or small gullies; the surface may not always be firm. Gradients of up to 40%. No hairpin turns. Basic MTB technique required, such as controlled braking and ability to shift centre of gravity
  • Length

    13.3 km

  • Duration

    0:25 h

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From Zermatt, the cable cars take you up to Rothorn (3,100 m). It’s easy to see what you do first - drink in the incredible views of the Matterhorn. Then you’re off! The gravel path heads through the Alpine terrain via Rotweng down to Blauherd. It is initially steep in places, but flattens out as you approach Blauherd. After Blauherd, it then becomes very steep. You may need to take a short break at Sunnegga. Some people may know this route from the winter, as the pistes cross it. After Sunnegga, there are two ways of getting back to Zermatt. You can either head along the path via Ried back to the village or have a go at the Sunnegga-Trail. The hardcore variant is the trail in reverse – from Zermatt up to the Rothorn. It’s best ridden on an E-Bike.

Turn-by-turn directions

Rothorn - Blauherd - Sunnegga - Tufteren - Ried - Zermatt

(The trail can also be ridden in the other direction, from Zermatt to Rothorn – some sections steep and difficult.)

Variant 1: Rothorn - Blauherd - Sunnegga - Sunegga-Trail - Zermatt

Start: Rothorn (3,103 m) (3100 m)
Destination: Zermat (1,620 m) (1605 m)

Author's recommendation

The mountain landscape around Zermatt, with 38 summits above 4,000 metres, offers breathtaking panoramic views and is home to a wealth of fauna and flora.

Technical information

  • Altitude

    3103 m 1620 m

  • Ascent

    6 m

  • Descent

    1501 m

  • Technique

    Bewertung: 2.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Stamina

    Bewertung: 1.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Experience

    Bewertung: 1 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Landscape

    Bewertung: 6.0 von 5.0 Punkten

Public transport

By train to the Matterhorn village: 3½ hours from Zürich airport or 4 hours from Geneva airport. Change at Visp onto the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (Matterhorn Gotthard Railway). From Visp, the railway leads through the Mattertal valley past idyllic small villages to Zermatt.

Zermatt is also the start and finish point for the world-famous Glacier Express panoramic train journey (Zermatt to St. Moritz or Davos).


Zermatt is car-free. Private vehicles are permitted only as far as Täsch (5 km before Zermatt). The Täsch–Zermatt road is closed to the public.

Onward travel to Zermatt is either by private taxi or shuttle train. Trains depart every 20 minutes; the journey takes about 12 minutes, and ends at the Bahnhofplatz in Zermatt.


Täsch has car parks with both covered and open-air parking – e.g. at the Matterhorn Terminal or privately operated facilities.

Onward travel: see “Getting there”.


We recommend:

  • Bike in excellent working order
  • Helmet, gloves and (trail) bell
  • Repair kit in case of any defects
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof)
  • Food and drink

Safety information

  • Always wear gloves and a helmet.
  • Use marked bike trails and routes only, and observe all signposting. Please close gates after passing through.
  • Please be considerate to walkers and to plants and animals. As a rule, walkers have priority.
  • When planning, take into account participants’ fitness level and ability: some routes lead above 3,000 metres.
  • All riding is at one’s own risk.

Tip: “Be searchable”. Equip yourself with an additional RECCO rescue reflector*. Whether summer or winter. Available in our Online-Shop or our information desk. *The additional reflector does not replace an avalanche beacon.