Tour du Val d’Anniviers: Grimentz – Vercorin (stage 4)

Panoramic trail high on the western slopes overlooking the Val d’Anniviers, linking two of the valley’s most delightful villages: picturesque Grimentz and arty Vercorin.

Two villages and the high trail between them reveal the remarkable diversity of the Val d’Anniviers. Grimentz, in the heart of the valley, is a village of wooden houses festooned with flowers, framed by some of the highest peaks of Valais. Vercorin, meanwhile, occupies a sunny plateau high above the Rhône valley, whose vast expanses seem to belong to another world. The panoramic trail between the villages follows the western slopes of the Val d’Anniviers. Apart from a steep climb at the start and descent at the end, the trail follows a high route, guaranteeing spectacular views all the way. Alpine pastures, flower-filled meadows and fragrant forest offer superb opportunities for spotting wildlife. The two villages celebrate their culture and heritage in different ways. Grimentz has set up themed trails devoted to everything from geraniums (34 varieties in all), local legends, wildlife identification (with fun games for kids) and village history. Visitors can bake their own traditional rye bread, taste the village’s glacier wine in the cellar of a 16th-century building and visit a working watermill. Vercorin, meanwhile, boasts a handful of art galleries and museums, including one devoted to the painter Edouard Vallet, a resident for many years. Popular annual events include R&Art (contemporary art installations) and the Verco Jazz festival. There’s an ambitious network of theme trails («De Chalais aux Chalets»), a marmot trail with family games and, towards the end of our trail at Sigeroulaz, «Forêt Aventures»: an adventure rope park through the treetops.   Highlights:  Grimentz – historical village of wooden houses adorned with flowers Panoramic high trail – glorious views of the whole valley Vercorin – adventure activities, art galleries, museums and music

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Turn-by-turn directions

The full route links the two resorts, beginning with a steep climb and finishing with a long descent. Shorter alternatives are possible by making use of the gondolas at either end of the hike. 

For the full hike, start at the gondola station in Grimentz. The trail initially follows the route of the gondola, but about half-way up begins zig-zagging away to the right and eventually joins a track that leads northwards to the alpine pastures.

A long traverse of the high mountainsides leads to the pastures of Orzival (2,100 m) and then Tracuit (1,898 m). The path continues to Sigeroulaz – the middle station of the gondola from Vercorin to Crêt du Midi – before dropping steeply down to Vercorin itself.

For an easier start to the hike, take the gondola from Grimentz to Bendolla, and traverse the high slopes to join the route near Chiesso Blanc. To skip the final steep descent, take the gondola from Sigeroulaz down to Vercorin.

Start: Grimentz (1588 m)
Destination: Vercorin (1313 m)

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The Pass Anniviers Liberté covers more than 20 attractions and transport facilities throughout the valley.


Technical information

  • Altitude

    2139 m 1313 m

  • Ascent

    585 m

  • Descent

    860 m

  • Technique

    Bewertung: 3.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Stamina

    Bewertung: 4.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Experience

    Bewertung: 5 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Landscape

    Bewertung: 5.0 von 5.0 Punkten

Public transport

Train to Sierre, then postal bus to Grimentz (change at Vissoie). At end of walk, bus from Vercorin to Sierre; alternatively, cable car from Vercorin to Chalais, and onward by bus to Sierre. Find full timetable information at sbb.ch.


A9 motorway, exit 29 (Sierre-Est), follow signs for Val d’Anniviers.


Park at Vissoie, Grimentz or Vercorin, and make use of postal buses to reach start of walk and/or return from finish. Bus journeys between Grimentz and Vercorin require a change at Vissoie.


We recommend: 

  • good footwear
  • clothing suitable for the weather: always carry a waterproof jacket
  • hat or cap
  • sunscreen
  • bottle for water
  • picnic
  • camera
  • binoculars (optional)
  • hiking poles (optional)
  • printout of this hike (click «Print» icon, to download)  

For certain walks:

  • Swimwear

Safety information

Use of the trails and the information on this website is at hikers’ own risk. Local conditions may entail changes to routes. Valais/Wallis Promotion accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of information on this website.

For all hikes:

  • Bring a map. Download full description of this route including large-scale map by clicking on «Print» icon, top right of this page.
  • Use marked trails only, and observe all signposting – for your own safety, to safeguard grazing animals and to avoid disturbing wildlife.
  • Close gates after passing through.
  • Please be considerate to other trail users, and to the plants and animals.
  • Do not leave any waste in nature.

For mountain hikes:

  • Take extra care protecting yourself from the sun at altitude. UV radiation can be exceptionally strong, even in cloudy weather.
  • Plan hike carefully: take into consideration fitness level of each participant, weather forecast and season.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains, without warning. Appropriate clothing is therefore essential, along with adequate supplies of food and water. In uncertain weather, turn back in good time.

For high-altitude hikes:

  • Inform others of the route you plan to take. Whenever possible, avoid going alone.
  • Do not venture onto glaciers without a mountain guide.
  • Take note of the warning signs that point out the constant danger in river beds and along watercourses below dams and reservoirs: water levels may rise rapidly without warning.

Additional information

More information about the destinations: 


The tourist offices in Val d'Anniviers have got brochures and information material about hiking in the region.


SwissTopo maps 1:25’000: 1307 Vissoie / 1287 Sierre