Fruit and vegetables

Valais: a Garden of Eden.

Nurtured by a gentle climate with an extraordinary amount of sun, Valais features perfect natural conditions for many types of fruit and vegetables, as well as giving them a unique taste. Handled with respect for nature and with the agricultural skills of old, fruit and vegetables grow here under the generous sun in the cradle of the Rhone.
The apricot, a symbol of Valais with its delicate sweet fruit, has found here an ideal place to develop its beautiful orange-red hue. Saxon apricots, which ripen from July to the end of August, have become the standard which other apricots are measured by, and account for 98 percent of Swiss production. Apples and pears in many different varieties are further treasures of Valais orchards. Crisp, juicy, sweet or sour: there's something for every taste! The Williams pear, Valais' top variety of pear, is also used as the basis for the excellent AOP Valais pear brandy, with its intensely fruity taste. The perfect complement to a fine meal with an authentic Valais touch!
Another Valais star is asparagus. It delights connoisseurs in spring with its unique taste, which it owes to the valuable soil which has been deposited by the Rhone for millennia. These products carry the ‘Valais Brand’ label as a certificate of origin and quality awarded to emblematic products from the Swiss Rhone Valley.