Cultural treasures

Set out on a discovery trail and learn how the various tribes made their mark on the identity of Valais. Sion was built over a necropolis which is one of the largest in Europe, going back to the early Stone Age. Here, you will be able to see the traces of times gone by. The Roman era left its mark on Martigny, and archaeologists have uncovered Roman arenas. An audio-visual collection is available at the Valais Media Library, where you can browse through the history of Valais. 2,000 years of history await you in Saint-Maurice, the main centre for religious cultural treasures. Reminders of the Middle Ages can be found throughout Valais: at Stockalper Castle in Brig, and at the Tourbillon and Valeria castles in Sion. The latter houses the Valais History Museum. In Sierre, it pays to visit the Valaisian Museum of Wine and Vineyards, in which the tradition of dry-walling will be explained. The Lötschentaler Museum will introduce you to further traditions and alpine customs. In Verbier, don't miss the museums and the Maison Patrimoine [Heritage Centre].