Media Trip Introduction to ski touring in Valais

Destinations: Val d’Hérens and Lötschental
Dates: Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th March 2018 (4 nights, 5 days)

Highlights: Introduction to ski touring in Valais, avalanche awareness trail in St-Martin (“Maya Nivo Trail”), agritourism site of Ossona, ski touring in the Lötschental, overnight at the Lötschenpasshütte mountain hut, 150th anniversary of Hotel Nest- und Bietschhorn.

Participants: max 10 journalists (international registration)

Ski touring in Valais.

In 1903, the first intrepid mountaineers linked Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, with the Matterhorn, its most famous counterpart, by following a route that took in the Sonadon mountain pass and the Otemma Glacier. This now legendary trail is just one of many routes against the majestic backdrop of the Valais’ 4,000-metre peaks. The options for ski touring in the high mountains here are practically endless. Big differences in altitude, narrow ridges, dramatic gorges, historic mountain passes: no matter which route you choose, the panoramic views are sure to take your breath away. Explore this unspoilt alpine paradise in the company of an expert guide.

Ski touring in the Val d’Hérens

The Val d’Hérens leads from the Rhône valley, near Sion, all the way to the foot of the 4,000-metre peaks of the Dent Blanche and Dent d’Hérens. Old villages and traditional houses perch on the steep valley sides. Numerous ski touring routes invite you to explore the Val d’Hérens and experience a magical world covered in a blanket of snow. Accompanied by experienced and qualified local mountain guides, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable mountain experience in the welcoming Valais region. The “Maya Nivo Trail” is a new educational trail focusing on avalanche awareness, situated along the itinerary that begins at Grange Neuve, above St-Martin, and heads up to Lovégno. Both practical and theoretical, this educational trail is suitable for beginners as well as mountain professionals.


Interview partners in the Val d’Hérens*
- Robert Bolognesi, snow scientist at Meteorisk and Meteo Valais
- Patrice Gaspoz, director of St-Martin Tourism and head of regional relief and natural hazards in Val d'Hérens
- Daniel Beuret, farm manager of the Ossona agritourism site
- Félix and Bénédicte, managers of the Ossona Lodge

*Interviews can be organized according to journalists’ interest and availability of the speakers.

Ski touring in the Lötschental

The scenery where the Valais and Bernese Alps meet is particularly dramatic, yet the Lötschental valley has retained its traditional and untouched character and remains off the beaten tourist track. Whether you’re after glistening powder snow or firm spring snow, the region is a paradise for ski tourers. Enthusiasts have a vast choice of options for exploring the magnificent winter landscapes at their own pace. Expect exhilarating climbs, thrilling descents, and a feeling of boundless freedom.


Interview partners in the Lötschental*
- Benedikt Jaggy, mountain guide in the Lötschental
- Beat Dietrich, owner and manager of the L.tschenpasshütte mountain hut, the first mountain hut in the Alps to be certified with the MinergieÒ label
- Esther Bellwald, owner and manager of the Hotel Nest- und Bietschhorn, the oldest hotel in the Lötschental, and with Helene Bellwald, Esther’s mum and previous owner of the hotel

*Interviews can be organized according to journalists’ interest and availability of the speakers

Important information for this press trip 

This press trip is for journalists looking for an introduction to ski touring. With easy routes, appropriate equipment and the supervision of an experienced guide, this trip will take you on a journey of discovery through a pristine winter landscape, where you’ll meet people who have made the mountains their place of work.

Conditions for taking part in this press trip
- You must be in good or very good physical shape and have the stamina and endurance to keep going for several hours a day over several days
- You are able to ski on a red slope (intermediate to advanced level)

Contact for media trips

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Corporate Communications
Direct: +41 27 327 35 89