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In 2020, we learned that it is more important than ever to clear our minds. This year, we want to pursue this path. From the comfort of your home, flat, chalet or office, draw inspiration from the Valais for your research work. Discover our new digital marketplace to book a full stay in just a few clicks, find out about the current situation with regard to coronavirus, learn a few words in Valaisan dialect, or get to know two personalities who are passionate about the traditions and customs of the Valais.

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Discover our new digital marketplace for Valais.

Discover our new digital marketplace for Valais

Faced with this unprecedented global crisis, Valais remains actively creative and innovative. Guests in Valais can now book and pay for their entire stay in just a few clicks via a single online platform. From a hotel overnight stay to a wine & gourmet food experience or a ski pass – and much more besides. It's a chance to dream about the next holiday, take a virtual breath of fresh air and prepare to feel a real sense of freedom.

Mountains from the Aletsch region, Valais, Switzerland

“Bonzò! Güete Tag ! “: find out more about Valais culture

“Bonzò! Güete Tag ! “: find out more about Valais culture

Valais is a home to many people, who actively continue making their mark on this region, from north to south, with their traditions and customs. Valais dialects – of which there are several, each with its own local peculiarities – continue to shape everyday speech, particularly through certain words and expressions. On Instagram, presents a word or expression in dialect every day.

Overview of Sion with a view of a castle, Valais, Switzerland

Clear your mind

Clear your mind

In full compliance with public health measures, getting a deep breath of fresh air in Valais is always possible and even highly recommended. Be it for ski lifts, hotels (and their restaurants and spas) or shops, you’ll find all the information on the current situation on our website.

Herens Dents Veisivi, Wallis, Schweiz

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    Valais is an open, creative and dynamic canton, which is capable of innovation and dares to combine tradition with modernity. The Valais is all about its native men and women endowed with exceptional ideas, an extraordinary history, a unique lifestyle and a wealth of passions. It is also enriched by the “adopted” sons and daughters who have made the Valais their homeland or who have brought their life plan to fruition there. Make yourself comfortable and let our stories inspire you.

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    Mountains, lakes, plain, valley, vineyards: what are the top attractions and must-see sights during a stay in Valais? We have picked out for you the unmissable places to experience and the best things to do next time you are here. From Upper Valais to Central Valais and Lower Valais, discover the most beautiful spots to visit for an unforgettable trip.

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Edith Vuignier

From: Evolène

Activity: Tourism specialist

Note: Edith Vuignier is passionate Evolène's folk costume. Due to its geographical isolation, the authenticity of Evolène and its village atmosphere have been preserved. The Evolène patois is one of the few dialects in French-speaking Switzerland that has not vanished. Still very much alive, it is spoken by representatives of the different generations.  

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Susanne Hugo-Lötscher

Birthday: 27.12.1960

From: Agarn

Activity: Storyteller and public relations specialist

Note: Thanks to the "Clownvisite" association founded by Susanne Hugo-Lötscher, sick, elderly and disabled people in the Upper Valais have been able to enjoy moments of joy through the visits of health clowns since 2011.

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Valais in figures

300 days of sunshine a year
45 summits more than 4,000 metres high
55 grape varieties
1/3 of Switzerland’s vineyards
3,000 km of dry-stone walls
8 AOP and IGP products
56 typical products with the Valais brand label
1,815 tons of Raclette AOP produced in 2020
5 thermal spa resorts
8 family resorts with the “Family Destination” label